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Horus Heresy Oldhammer style 2! World Eaters

My Horus Heresy Oldhammer project moves apace. I’m now moving my attention to the World Eaters. I’ve decided I really don’t want the usual plain red and gold. As its a bit normie for me. However, I also don’t want to go for the White and blue used in the Heresy. But as luck would have it, the World Eaters had an intermediate colour scheme while they were mulling over what to wear while slaughtering.

Third from the left shows that very colour scheme! Still the white associated with the Heresy, but that red is creeping in. Feels right for my Oldhammer lads too!

First things first. I have all the minis a quick blast of Grey Seer. It’s the contrast undercoat, but I like to use it for the normal base paints too. I love that dirty white it brings to a mini!

Now to do one test model to get the scheme right. This could be interesting.

Out came a contrast Blood Angel red and I picked out the details of metal with both Bronze and Gun metal. Then a quick wash of Agrax Earthshade and…voila.

I feel like this could work well.

Next I had to decide on how to do some weathering. The World Eaters by late Heresy had pretty much killed all their thralls and armourers, so they were looking a bit ropey. (They we’re on their arse really, and I’m surprised they had anyone who could fly stuff…anyway I digress) I first went with the tried and tested slash marks using a darker colour, followed by a highlight. But something about this technique just didn’t sit right with me on the white. Probably, mainly to do with my bad job of it!! 😁

The two slashes on his left leg dont please me at all…and as for the one on his face…aaargh.

So I repainted the face, and I decided to also get a sponge and use tried and tested technique number 2 to cover up the poorly done paint slashes. They do get covered in blood dont they? So good excuse.

So that’s the test mini done. Lessons? Yes, always.

With the white armour I’m going to minimise the slashes. It just didnt cut it enough for me. (Pardon the pun). Next time I’ll go sponge technique all the way.

Here are the next batch. I think I improved on them with every mini…

Once I felt I had the scheme going the way it should, I quickly did some batch painting and I got the whole squad done. Probably the quickest paint job on a squad I’ve ever done. I think I really like white armour!! Here’s the finished squad, ready for some fun and frolics!

Next up…more white armour (Yay). It’s the Death Guard!!

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